July 2008

Perhaps the FAA should consider hiring China’s deputy head of the civil aviation regulator, Yang Guoqing. When passengers get unruly and riot, he places the blame squarely on poor airline customer service.

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Backroads of Spain

by Charlie Leocha on July 31, 2008

My favorite times in Spain have been on backcountry drives of discovery. Madrid, Barcelona and Seville are modern, sleek and efficient. The Costa del Sol is packed with beachgoers and high-rises lining endless sand. But only a few kilometers away, around the knoll, down a river, the Old World heart of Spain still beats.

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Today’s sponsors

by Chris Jernigan on July 31, 2008

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America’s transportation network is broken. Now what? Transportation Secretary Mary Peters thinks she has the answer. Late yesterday, she unveiled a new plan to “refocus, reform and renew” the national approach to highway and transit systems.


Taxpayers have been subsidizing the airline industry since its inception. Now, three non-profit organizations have put together a report that details a litany of airline subsidies from low-cost loans to pension guarantees and offer proposals about how the airline industry can repay taxpayers.


Airlines are on a slippery slope with baggage fees. Now that it is becoming more commonplace to charge for checked luggage, what is going to happen when something goes wrong?


Monday, July 28, was not a fun day to be an airline passenger departing from virtually anywhere in the northeastern U.S. So much so, that some of the long airline delays even made news headlines, as in the case of from JFK to Las Vegas.


Chan Hoe Yip booked a room in Bakersfield, Calif., and Williams, Ariz., through the Days Inn Web site. Then again, maybe he didn’t. The reservation ends us being two nights in Bakersfield and none in Williams, and now Yip is being told there’s no refund for the extra night. Is Yip the victim of a bad Web site?

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When an airline or a hotel says they have a “Best Price Guarantee” hold onto your wallet. We have detailed the problems with airline “guarantees” and now new research shows that hotels are failing with their “guarantees” as well.


With the airlines baggage charges in disarray and the major airlines in a rare divergence when it comes to a basic costs, Delta’s shocking increase in their 2nd-bag-charge might be a more reasonable path than the American/United/USAirways group with their $15 first-checked-bag charge.