December 2006

Government offices and schools were closed and mail delivery suspended for a second day Thursday after a powerful blizzard dumped more than 2 feet of snow along Colorado’s most populous region and stranded travelers.

No paper, no go

by Christopher Elliott on December 21, 2006

When Paige Gibson’s flight to Rome is rescheduled, her airline neglects to send her a paper ticket for one leg of the journey. As a result, she has to pay an additional $566 to fly. Now the carrier is balking at a refund. Will she ever see that money again?

The wintry storm moving through Colorado is going to keep dozens of planes on the ground — at least this afternoon, if not before.

Hotels aren’t perfect. There are times when things go wrong and you need to complain. But you’re going about it all wrong! Pay attention to these tips for complaining correctly, and you will more likely get what you want.

Delta Air Lines Inc. filed a reorganization plan Tuesday that calls for it to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection next spring as a standalone company. It also said that its board has formally rejected US Airways’ $8.4 billion hostile takeover bid and create the nation’s largest airline.

There’s something about an airport that brings out the wackiness in people, especially around the holidays. Maybe it’s the excitement of leaving the everyday world behind. Maybe it’s having an audience. Whatever it is, people stage some pretty crazy holiday stunts at the airport. Here are James Wysong’s top 10.

Travelers this year have paid an average of $342 round trip for holiday air travel, or 8% more than last year, a new analysis shows.

Cruising 2007

by Anita Dunham-Potter on December 18, 2006

At this time of year, just about everyone devotes a column to predictions for the year ahead. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can tell you the shape of things to come on the high seas in 2007: more taxes, more tonnage, more talking and — would you believe? — bowling and water balloons.

O’Hare International Airport’s primary radar system was down for more than five hours Friday morning, leading to limited delays, officials said.

7 winter driving cautions

by Mark Sedenquist on December 15, 2006

Mark SedenquistHave you ever done this? Locked yourself out of the house in your bathrobe? Left the tub running while you chatted too long with a friend? Well, winter driving is no different. You may think you know what you’re doing, but you have to think ahead, or you’ll end up in some ridiculous — and perhaps dangerous — situation. Herewith, seven cautionary tales.