February 2006

Delta Air Lines pilots brought picket signs to Salt Lake International Airport on Monday to exhibit anger at the bankrupt airline for demanding that they accept another round of wage and benefits reductions on top of $1 billion in annual cuts they said yes to 15 months ago.

Airline myths and legends

by James Wysong on February 28, 2006

Did you hear the one about the lady who got stuck to the toilet seat? How about the celebrity who ticked off the flight attendant? Can birds really fly into the jet engine and put the plane in a swan dive? Air travel has its own myths and urban legends. Which ones are true and which are just nonsense?

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says the nation’s aviation system remains “the No. 1 target” for terrorists, and he warns that his agency may have to cut spending on security at airports if Congress rejects a fee increase for some passengers.

Boohoo, JetBlue

by Charlie Leocha on February 27, 2006

No sooner had JetBlue started rolling out its new E-190 airplanes than the troubles began rolling in. Delivery changes, flight delays, training lapses — why, even the DirectTV didn’t work. Has JetBlue fallen victim to its own ambition? Maybe. A fan delivers a scolding — and some advice.

Sign-up for the government’s long-awaited trusted traveler program moved Thursday to the hotel lobby. In a first of its kind deal, upscale chain Hyatt said it has agreed to team with Verified Identity Pass, the leading private vendor for the government’s Registered Traveler program, to allow enrollment in some hotels.

inlaws.150.jpgIt’s February, the time when many snowbound families begin to think fondly of their Florida in-laws. Get-togethers get planned without due consideration of the many ways these trips can go wrong. Tripso correspondent Den Bart offers some advice on how to spend a vacation with your in-laws, along with a footnote on surviving Orlando.

Northwest Airlines Corp. and its pilots have agreed to a framework that would allow the airline to increase regional jet flying and save pilots’ jobs, though pay issues remain unresolved, according to a published report.

A six-hour mechanical delay on Michael Nelson’s return flight to Philadelphia turns into a two-day layover in Europe. US Airways initially offers Nelson 600 euros in compensation, but then downgrades him to a $200 travel voucher. Is the airline shortchanging its customers?

For the first time since its wildly successful initial public offering in 2002, JetBlue lost money during a quarter. It was a surprisingly large, $42 million loss in the October-December period, the result of high fuel prices, low fares and a slow upward creep in the operating costs of the 6-year-old carrier.

Terry’s Travel OSTARs

by Terry Riley on February 22, 2006

Welcome to Terry’s Travel OSTARs. Today we will screen one of the strangest assortments of online travel clips that we have seen in years. See the plane (almost) land in the crosswind! Marvel at the pickup ploy! Cover the kiddies’ eyes for the hotel bathroom scene! It’s awards time at the Academy of Video-clip Gags and Advertisements. And the winner is …